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I'm Trent Ammons,
the Owner and Creative Director behind The List Productions, LLC.

Next to me is my wife Sarah. She is my number one fan and the person who taught me how to portray love in a deep and meaningful way.

The List Productions, LLC came to fruition when I graduated high school in 2009. My closest friends and I made a bucket list of the most insane things to do during the summer before we went off to college. Riding air mattresses down the Intracoastal Waterway, Building a bicycle jump into a secret pond we found, riding bikes to Charleston from Myrtle Beach.

We made it our goal to check off every single item from our bucket list no matter how crazy! This became known to us as “The List” and my job was to film all of our shenanigans which in turn created The List Productions. 

During the next 10 years I got my business license, grew into a well known videography business with productions that I was proud of, and as of 2019 turned summer shenanigans into a full time passion career!

Join me for the ride of my life as my business and I continue to check off the ever-growing list!

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